March 21st from 14.00 to 18.00

* Welcome address by Daniel Parzy, Head Off Institut de Médecine Tropicale

* Gabriel Rebourcet :   Marseilles -  European Capital of Culture in 2013 and BMW

* European RDI Cooperation in the Baltic and the Mediterranean : Lessons from 2007-2013 and Perspectives for 2014-2020 by Cyril Robin-Champigneul – EU Representative

* Inner Seas : Geopolitical Opportunities for Scientific Action by Frederic Briand – DG CIESM

14H30 - Moderator : Gabriel Rebourcet

* Programme présentation : BM as a bridge by Daniel Pardo

* A Reading frame by Daniel Vernet

* Europe’s new southern border by Gilles Bertrand, ISS.EU

* A Disparate Homogenisation, some Thoughts around an Oxymoron for Featuring the Baltic Sea Area by Mathieu Chillaud, Tartu University

15H30 – Moderator : Amel Chaffal

* Eur(O)Vision by Nicoletta Lacobacci

* Centrum Balticum – the home of the Baltic Sea Region information by Helena Erkkila –Turku

16h15 : PAUSE

17H00 – Moderator : Daniel Pardo

* Nation Estate by Larissa Sansour

Videos : Space Exodus (5mn 24sec)
              Nation Estate (9mn)

* Bridging the gap between Gaza and the Dead  Sea by Marc Mimram

* From political nature to conceptual feelings by Eyal Segal and Sigalit Landau

Videos :
Sigalit Landau : Dead Sea, 2005 (11mn 39sec)
                           Dancing for Maya, 2005 (16mn 13sec)
                           MASIK, 2012 (6mn 06sec)
Eyal Segal : Columbia Riot, 2012 (3mn 53sec)

* “One Sea, Many Religions : Multi-faith Dialogue in the Mediterranean Area Today" by R.P Jean Marc Aveline

End and conclusion : 18h00

Diner at the Nautique Restaurant – Old Harbour

March 22nd from 9.30 to 16.00

9h30 : Focus on Marine Biotech

Moderator : Torger Borresen

* Presentation by Torger Borresen, Research Director, DTU Food, Denmark :

Marine Biotechnology will be a central activity when « Horizon 2020 » is launched by the European Commission. An overarching theme is named ‘Blue Growth’, the core activity of which is to explore the large  potentials for exploiting the resources in the aquatic environment. The potential for addressing major challenges in Horizon 2020 can be activated by addressing the need for food for the growing world population, developing new and smarter solutions for sustainable farming of organisms in the aquatic environment, and pursuing the development of new biological principles for use in the pharmaceutical and health sector.

* Europe , from CSA to ERA-Net Marine Biotech  by Jan Bart Calewart

* Mediterranean Landscape by Laura Giulano

* INOC [1] by Hratch Kouyoumjian

* The Reform of Finlands research and innovation system by Esko Lindstedt

11H00 : PAUSE

11H30 – Moderator : Jan Bart Calewart

* Overviews and Networks (Part 1) : Israel, Tunisia, Finland, Scanbalt, Germany, France etc… : Discussion among speakers : Amel Chaffal, Thomas Frahm, Hillel Milo, Heinrich Cuypers, Jacqueline Penez, Hratch Kouyoumjian, Philippe Lebaron, Esko Lindstedt

12H30 – LUNCH

14H30 – Moderator : Laura Giulano

* Overviews and Networks (Part 2)


* Mapping of Euro Med Scientific Networks, an overview by Antoine Schoen.
Discussion with Amel Chaffal  and Mohamed Charki


* Forward towards a Creative Industry by Jorma Routti


* Conclusion by Daniel Vernet with Torger Borresen, Daniel Pardo and Gabriel Rebourcet

[1] Inter-Islamic Science and Technology Network on Oceanography.
2 European Research Area

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